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New Product Development Consultants

Strategy 2 Market - New Product Development Experts

Executives tell us that innovation is as important as managing cost. However, only a few organizations have a rigorous approach for managing the new product development process. Let us help…

At Strategy 2 Market, we understand that new product development can be a maze. It can be complicated and difficult to execute for many reasons. Mainly, it requires the orchestration of multiple organizational systems and processes, such as strategy, portfolio management/resource allocation, development processes, teams, organizational structure and customer/ market knowledge. To add a further layer of complexity, the external environment in which your company operates is constantly changing due to new technologies, trends and competitive activity.

We specialize in medical devices and industrial products. Since 2002, our consultants have been working with companies to achieve three primary goals:

1) To drive new product revenue through a comprehensive and strategically aligned program

2) To reduce the complexity of the new product development process and improve time to market

3) To assist organizations in choosing the right projects and optimizing resources

We are proponents of SUSTAINABILITY

Strategy 2 Market doesn't leave you with a three-inch binder of unproven ideas; we actively work with your team to build a sustainable and repeatable new product development system with the necessary infrastructure. We ensure sustainability and repeatability with our proprietary s2m New Product Development Reference Tool. This will ensure that your new product development system works in delivering successful, profitable products for years to come.


To learn more about our process, please continue to Our Approach page.

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New Product Development Experts
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