The University of Chicago Innovation Roundtable (IRT) Tackle a Topic Program

The University of Chicago IRT has a new format for securing future speakers, and we appreciate your input.  It is called the IRT Tackle a Topic Program.  The purpose of our events is to inform our members on new innovation trends and theories/practices. Perhaps you know of an interesting new product, process, business model or a planned interactive exercise that a friend or colleague has developed, and they want to share their findings with the IRT community.   Or you heard a great speaker that could provide further insight on innovation/new product development. 
As a sponsor, we invite you to introduce the speaker/event and be actively involved in the event.  We especially encourage interactive formats.
In order to sponsor a speaker, please find the guidelines below:
* The event must be relevant to Innovation/New Product Development
* Provide the IRT Board Members a short outline of the presentation (see outline below):
  Description of the presentation/event/activity
 -What participants will learn
 -Who should attend
 -How often has this individual presented on this topic?
 -Does the speaker wish to sponsor the event at their location?  If so, refreshments are welcome but not mandatory
 -Presenters bio
Please send to Mary Drotar at or

If the IRT board agrees to move forward with the event, the sponsor provides the slides to the IRT Board Members for review 2 weeks prior to the event.  The events usually occur at the Gleacher Center or offsite if there is a sponsor availiable.
Submit your short description as soon as possible so we can plan and promote the event in advance.
We appreciate and welcome your participation.


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